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Ampersand playlist #004 curated by Rhinos Are People Too. (20-02-2017)
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On february 24th Rhinos Are People Too will release their debut album “Hello From The Gutters” (Zealrecords). The dreaminess of Air and Blonde Redhead, the contrarian corner of The Flaming Lips and witty experiment of Sonic Youth. Check-out this amazing debut I am sure you’ll like it.

So once I again I thought it was a cool idea to look into their heads and find out more about their personal taste, favorite songs and so on…

Below this playlist you can find some more information on the tracks written by the band and a link to previous curators and their playlist.

1. Radiohead – Identikit (A Moon Shaped Pool): Yorke’s heart pouring rain, epic choir followed by quirky Greenwood finale, yep we’re hooked.

2. Mitski – Your Best American Girl (Puberty 2): We like the honest, diary like description of being in your twenties and trying to figure out life without your own washing machine, the Sonic Youth-esque esthetics on Puberty 2 are a welcomed bonus.  

3. Deerhoof – Criminals Of The Dream (The Magic): Maybe their most accessible album yet but we like the avant-pop, heavy funk and noise guitar combo. Okay it’s true, we’re into ‘wtf Japan’ too. Singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki kind of brings that vibe?

4. Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute (Shields):  We’re suckers for great production work and sad lyrics; on Shields producer/bassist Chris Taylor really ups the ante and finds an unexpected partner in hot shot mixer dude Michael Brauer. Beautiful complex melodies, craft full choice of sounds and placement.

5. The Flaming Lips – A Spoonfull Weighs A Ton (The Soft Bulletin): After the departure of guitarist Ronald Jones the band went on a psychedelic-Disney-space-frenzy on The Soft Bulletin, they haven’t looked back and we have kept an eye on everything they do since. Secret man crush: Steven Dozd. If I would be into that kind of thing: Steven Dozd + Wayne Coyne.  

6. Broken Social Scene – Cause = Time (You Forgot It In People): This Toronto based Indie-Rockestra infuses the 90’s Indie Anthem with some Post-Rock Impressionism. You Forget It In People is quite eclectic but we like how everything always sounds ‘Broken Social Scene’ because of the imperfections, due to a certain technical naiveté you can really hear the unfiltered creativity. 

7. Autolux – Sugarless (Future Perfect): We especially like the percussion beast that is called Carla Azar. With her Bonham (RIP) meets Leibezeit (RIP) esthetic she drives this record even more so than the onslaught of fuzz guitar and bass. You’ll know what we mean after the first few seconds from ‘Turnstile Blues’.

8. Beck – Nausea (The Information): They had collaborated before but this time Beck and producer Nigel Godrich really took time to allow some messing around in the studio, as said: we’re a sucker for great production work. The combo of lo-fi, acoustic riffs with breakbeats and Gameboy-like noises keeps our boat afloat while we badly acapella whimsical one-liners like “I push a shopping cart over in an Aztec ruin” in the privacy of our compartment.  

9. Blonde Redhead – Violent Life (La Mia Vita Violena): Less dream-y then their later albums, more rooted in nineties basement rock. Singer Kazu Makino’s vulnerability is always on the verge of being overtaken by piercing guitar riffage, walking this boundary is something we also aspire to do with Rhinos Are People Too.

10. Grandaddy – The Crystal Lake (The Sophtware Slump): The critical examination of human kind and our relationship with technology seems ever more urgent in a time where we seem to have lost our attention span in favor of Snapchat and Instafood.

11. Air – All I Need (Moon Safari): Vocoders, space synths, fake strings and lounge-y psychedelics. Repeat throughout afternoon. 

12. Sonic Youth – Junkie’s Promise (The Washing Machine): This album tops our unmade ranking of SY material; we love the atonal guitar catharsis and the perfect balance between Indie Rock and Avant-Garde tendencies. Bjorn once said they should add Thurston’s guitar sound to the UNESCO heritage, we agree.

13. St. Vincent – Marrow (Actor): Disney meets fuzzy, noise riffs. We still doubt the shift towards the slicker glam-pop of her most recent album, but Actor and Strange Mercy are definitely on our top 10 list of favorite albums. Classic  Guitar Battle: Annie Clark vs. Nels Cline: guitar nerds go!   

14. My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow (Loveless): Genre-defining album of course. Kevin Shields is personally responsible for our addiction to guitar pedals and love for the Fender Jazzmaster.

15. Deerhunter – Helicopter (Halcyon Digest): We are a fan of Bradley Cox. Apparently it’s based on a Dennis Cooper story about a Russian prostitute. Whatever. We like that autoharp/casio-thing before the ‘waves-breaking-on-to-shore’ chorus.  


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