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The Guru Guru (be)


After the release of their debut-album PCHEW and an ever- building live reputation both domestic and international, the borderline rockers of THE GURU GURU are back! With their second album they dig even deeper into the turmoil of their music and it’s non-stop madness. 

‘The power of nature over reason’   

After pushing musical and personal boundaries their multi colored strait-jacket vocals, feverish guitars and tormented rhythm section has evolved into an album which defines the band even more. ‘I haven't been sincere like this before’ (- Tom The Bomb) 

Instead of being in the nuthouse they now own the asylum and welcome you all to be folded origamiwise. The Guru Guru is a must have for your record collection and an absolute killer live!

New album in February 2020.


- Sziget, Budapest (Hu)
- ArcTanGent, Bristol (Uk)
- Portals Festival, London (Uk)
- Ment, Ljubljana (Si)
- Monkey Week, Seville (Es)
- Incubate, Tilburg (Nl)
- Pukkelpop, Hasselt (Be)
- Kabardock, Reunion Island (Fr)
- Rock Herk, Herk-de-Stad (Be) - EU tour 2017
- Artist in Residence in 'Het Depot', Leuven.
- ★★★★ reviews by Focus Knack, Cutting Edge, Dansende Beren ...


"The Guru Guru ticked off the discoveries list for the weekend and were the name most gave when asked of their highlight across the three days." (Review ArcTanGent)

"The Guru Guru were another festival highlight, they know how to put on a show and made a whole heap of new fans in the process, those who had seen them before had clearly dragged their friends along and sang along to every song taken from their debut album Pchew!"(Review ArcTanGent)

"The Guru Guru are thundering their way through a set of high energy garage-psych surrealism. Frontman Tom appears to be wearing a t-shirt with his own face on it and he holds us in the palm of his hand throughout, jabbering and gesticulating like he’s auditioning for Jack Nicholson’s role in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest."(Review Portals Festival)

"The Guru Guru distinguish themselves from the pack by bringing a razor-sharp Mathrock influence that never feels to clinical or abstract." (Focus Knack)