Ampersand Music



Shht is a brand new formation based in Ghent (Belgium) which'll make you laugh and cry with their pounding grooves and frolic sledgehammer of sound. Influences from Kanye West, The Beatles and Jesus Christ shape the eclectic roots of this quintet's uniquesound. Their liveshows are an energetic experience balancing between earthquakes in Haïti and taking drugs on a funfair. Shht is ready to conquer the world.

"Weird Belgian music is in very safe hands indeed." (Daily Bandcamp UK) "Shht is dankzij haar bevreemdende liveshows wél talk of the town in thuisbasis Gent. Zijn de nieuwe Evil Superstars opgestaan?" (Focus Knack) "Het Belgisch surrealisme is in zeer veilige handen." (De Morgen) "Shit, wat is Shht toch een fijne geflipte nieuwe band uit Gent." (Noisey) “Volgend jaar spreekt iedereen over Shht!” (Luminous Dash)


– Ment, Ljubljana 2018 (Slo) - Ancienne Belgique, Brussel (Be) - Villa Pace, Sint-Niklaas (Be) - Boomtown, Ghent (Be) - Leffingeleuren, Leffinge (Be)