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It It Anita


With their '90s noise rock riffs and primal screams coming from every fiber of their being, IT IT ANITA might seem pretty simple. But if you take the time to really listen, you'll find some subtle nuances and intriguing depth. Besides seething fire there's also intense desire, crippling fear, anger and restlessness.

Through the years the band has won considerable recognition, mostly a result to their numerous energetic live concerts at home and abroad and … hard work pays off because they were already invited to The Great Escape (UK), Eurosonic (NL), Monkey Week (SP), FME (CAN) and Le Printemps de Bourges (FR) and many more. And each time they smashed the stage with a very tight and energetic set.

On their new album Laurent, It It Anita did the good thing: the same as before but much more radical! More powerful but more melodic, more overexcited but more consistent, more unifying but more personal.

With Laurent, It It Anita has achieved a solid position amongst some contemporary bands such as Metz, And So I Watch You From Afar, Idles, Lysistrata, Shame, Girl Band, etc., a new generation of highly-talented musicians who gives a fresh boost to the beloved indie-rock family!


- "So damn jubilant" | (Rolling Stone - ★★★★)
- Focus Knack -> ★★★★
- “One of the best rock bands of this country” | (Le Soir)
- "It It Anita made an album that is somehow even better than Agaaiin | (Punkrocktheory - ★★★★½)
- “The Belgian band is a perfect mix of post-punk and post-hardcore agressivity with Sonic Youth noisy influences” | (Les Oreilles Curieuses ★★★★)
- "An amazing show where belgians exceeded all expectations." | (Never Mind The Hype – Eurosonic 2016)
- "il s’agit tout simplement du coup de coeur de cette journée marathon. Ce groupe a été fait pour te détruire les tympans à vie, et c’est tout simplement jouissif." | (Ricard sa live Music – Le Printemps de Bourges, 2016)
- "It It Anita just blew our collective minds at Queens Hotel. Highly recommended” | (The Great Escape '16)
- “These Belgians absolutely tore it up! This was their first ever North American appearance and we were lucky enough to catch it.” | (PunKanormal Activity – FME, 2017)


- Support tour for And So I Watch You from Afar, EU (2017)
Canada tour /+ Lysistrata, Make-Overs CAN (2018)
The Great Escape, Brighton, UK (2016)
Eurosonic, Groningen NL (2016)
- MAMA-festival, Paris FR (2019)
FME festival, Quebec, CAN (2017)
Monkey Week, Seville, ES (2016 + 2018)
Le Printemps de Bourges, Bourges, FR (2016)
C/O Pop, Cologne, DE (2019)
- Le Guess Who, Utrecht, NL (2015 + 2016)
- Dour Festival, BE (2015 + 2017 + 2019)
Pukkelpop, Hasselt, BE (2015)
This Is Not a Love Song Festival, Nimes, FR (2019)
- several EU-tours
- Nominated for D6BELS awards (2018) + Sabam Awards (2018)
- ★★★★ - live reputation
- 'Agaaiin' was recorded at Water Music (NY) by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Cymbals Eat Guitars...)
- 'Agaaiin' was released in BeNeLux, Canada, Japan, Poland, France and Spain