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Go March (be)


Go March (featuring members of Millionaire, Intergalactic Lovers and Statue) is an instrumental group based in Antwerp, Belgium. It is a new project born out of jam sessions that have resulted in their debut single ‘Rise’, an electronic, Germanic-infused, post-rock screamer that is a sort of Mogwai meets Kraftwerk synthesis yet with all the futuristic propulsions of a new, fresh and hungry band making music not just for 2015 but for beyond.

That said, while the group have landed on this irresistible blend of electronics and rock on ‘Rise’ their initial intentions varied somewhat. “My initial ideas for a possible sound were actually based around bands like Boris or Lightning Bolt, but the moments when we just improvised were simply far more interesting“ says Philipp Weies of the group’s early evolutionary period.

Whilst the group state that “it’s quite difficult to pinpoint where inspiration actually comes from.” Weies does concede that one particular inspiration holds especially strong for him: “I am vastly inspired by the movies of David Lynch, especially Lost Highway and even more specifically the sequence where a car is driving through the dark and all you see are the median strips passing by. The image has this distinct tunnel vision-feel to it that I am often looking for when making music.” And whilst ‘Rise’ has all the forward momentum and exhilaration of hurtling down a pitch-black highway, it is not singular in its vision.

New EP 'III' coming out on April 23th, 2021 (Dunk!Records)


"Album of the year?" (Luminous Dash)

“The lengthy nine minute burn rolls through psychedelia with tripped out guitars and a time warping beat. The experimental fusion breathes like other worldly apparitions, making this a great way to start off the week.
(New Noise)

“Instrumental Belgium trio Go March operate within the area of post-rock, but whereas the likes of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky concentrate on vivid atmospherics and soundscapes, Go March’s fusion of techno, disco amongst post- rock makes for a much more immediate sound. This is post-rock you can dance to even.”
(The Line Of Best Fit) 

“‘Downside up’ seems quite minimalist on the surface, but its strength lies in the repetition with the song building through subtle nuances and synth atmospherics. It’s the perfect blend of space-, math-, and krautrock.” (Four Culture)

“II is een dynamische plaat waarop gitaar, synths en drums cool als Moroder de ene halsbrekende truc na de andere uithalen. Spannend zoals iemand die met losse veters een roltrap op rent, om alsnog niet zijn of haar nek te breken.” (Humo)

“’II’ is een nagenoeg perfect huwelijk tussen elektronica en gitaren én een subtiel evenwicht tussen potige masculiniteit en dromerige subtiliteit.”  (Indiestyle)