Ampersand Music

Bison Bisou (fr)


After Regine, EP-hommage to queens who have lived well, Bison Bisou is releasing « Bodysick », first album born to break hearts, make you lose control, and make your heads roll.

Having grown up among nuclear power plants to the rhythm of post-textile steelworks, the band does not deny his first loves, neither that strong energy they are known for. It has learned to listen to its own body, carrying a disc that looks like itself : impulsive, naive and kicky ; dissonances, noises and feedbacks, all of that strangely echo whisper-sexting. Along with the primary energies of life running through their veins, the five northerners only have those words in mind : keep nose to the grindstone and trace routes with their flesh.

Pleasure shared with Luik Records (Be), A Tant Rêver Du Roi (Fr) and Bagdaddy (NL) who, from their respective lands, cultivate the same taste for independence and freedom, abrasive gigs and endless nights where one can forget manners, experiment new kinds of dances, pointing a finger to the sky as if tomorrow was made to die.